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Groundhog Press Inc. is a copywriting and publishing company

based in Punxsutawney, PA (the home of Groundhog Day).


This supports our primary activity which is reporting on breaking scientific and medical news (see books and blogs listed below).


We offer sophisticated B2B Blogs, sales letters, and brochures as well as Business to Consumer documentation and sales copywriting and editing services. With 25 years' experience writing business to government agency sales and promotional materials we can tackle any writing project or just "pump up" the material you already use no matter how large or how small your company or who your customers are.


The owners include a 30+ year member of The National Press Club who has been published 17,000+ times in major newspapers and magazines as well as with major book publishers. The other founder is a long-time newspaper copy editor who also edited documents for a government agency.


Our Kindle/e-books currently for sale - "Sheep" and "The View" are about the Punxsutawney area as is web site www.15767.com.

"Sheep in the Rafters, the Story of Highland Ranch Sanctuary"

"The View From Highland Ranch" (Collected columns from the Punxsutawney Spirit.)

Consumer Services

Did you ever want to write a family history? A cookbook? Publish your poems? Write a novel?

NOW you can do it for only a few dollars and Amazon will offer it to millions of potential readers. Amazon Prime members can even borrow your book at no cost to them but you still earn royalties! 

You can find examples of our books on Amazon. We provide every service from ghostwriting your book for you to simply publishing a book from an edited file you submit to us. Most people choose something between those extremes such as light editing and publishing.


Kindle books are sold electronically and pay you royalties. Clients can pay us in advance (which could be as little as $20) or many thousands for a researched ghosted book. You can also pay  a small amount and a percentage of your royalties, or in some cases such as when all we do is format and publish your work with no editing, we will be paid out of your royalties - no sales = no royalties = no cost to you.


E-mail us at groundhogpressinc@gmail.com

Our Kindle/e-books currently for sale - Sheep and The View are about the Punxsutawney area as is web site www.15767.com.

"Sheep in the Rafters, the Story of Highland Ranch Sanctuary"

"The View From Highland Ranch" (Collected columns from the Punxsutawney Spirit.)

"Could Global Warming Actually be Good?" (An ice age is due so warming may fight it.)

"Saving the World from Asteroids and Planning for Coronal Mass Ejections" (Every few decades the sun's storms wipe out electrical devices on Earth.)


"Does Vitamin D-3 Cure Malignant Melanoma?" (Of course NOT, but it can improve survival dramatically.)


"Perihelion Science Fiction - Collected Science Articles." Perihelionsf.com is a free, professional online science fiction magazine with stories, features, cartoons, and graphics.


Publishing cost for your book (poems, family history, fiction, non-fiction, photo book, children's book, etc.) begins at $20 which includes formatting, cover design, and publishing as a Kindle and e-book.


Basic services include a business (tax reporting) account on Amazon for royalties (if any) and forwarding of any royalties earned. (You can also establish your own tax account with Amazon and manage your own book sales.) We also advise on establishing an Author Page.

We also offer an author’s consulting service starting at $100 which includes written directions and links explaining how to create and use the free Google Drive cloud editing and collaboration software, a free email address for your book, a free telephone number dedicated to your publishing, and more. Included are up to two hours of consulting time via email or skype during the first 30 days.

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John McCormick, CEO
Groundhog Press Inc.

Member, National Press Club 35+ years

Member, AAAS (American Association for the Advancement of Science)

Retired Emergency Management Coordinator.

Retired Commonwealth Certified Radiologic Monitor (Pennsylvania)

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