Free on the Internet of special interest to seniors

The Punxy Senior Center and the Library weren't interested in my guide to the Internet for seniors - they have other projects and services to keep them busy, so I have put the information on this page.

The important thing which most people don't realize is that there is a vast amount of absolutely free services and entertainment on the Internet.

That includes thousands of audiobooks, more than a million books in text and audio as well as about a million videos such as old movies and TV shows.

You can also get a free web site and publish anything you want in paperback - family histories, short stories, that novel you've been working on for 20 years, and even poetry or a cookbook.

When I say FREE, I don't mean you give them a credit card and have to cancel services in 30 days or get a bill, I mean absolutely free from places which don't even ask your name, location, or email address. This site contains a record of almost everything ever put on the Internet (377 Billion pages), including closed web sites and even old content dating back more than a decade. Those are in something called the WayBack machine, a reference to the Rocky and Bullwinkle cartoon. Just enter the address of the site you are interested in.

But the most important part of the library is access to 

1.9 million TV shows and movies

7 million audio files including old radio programs and concerts

21 million text files including about 1million books

ALL FREE. Download to your computer or any device with access to the Internet, OR just view them online without downloading.



This is a gigantic up to date encyclopedia rated as every bit as accurate as the Encyclopedia Britannica. You may already be familiar with but there are others including

These are excellent sources of reliable information on the Internet.


Youtube audiobooks

Go to

You can also get old movies on Youtube.


Audiobooks and both offer audiobooks for a monthly fee, but you can find thousands of free audiobooks at also has free books, audiobooks, movies, and even courses.


Free college and other online lessons offers both for credit and free college and university courses from around the world. If you chose to audit a class, there is no cost.

Courses range from a class on how to draw nature scenes to quantum mechanics and business courses.

In other words, something for everyone and again, ALL FREE.



Google is most often used for Internet searches, but they track you and what you look at. A free alternative which does not ask for any personal information or track what you search for, go to (now also organizes search results in a much more user-friendly way.



Have grandkids who you want to help with their homework? Or perhaps you want to brush up on something you studied decades ago. You might want to look at the free classes from kindergarten to college at